About Us

Vonia is a leading brand in professional headsets market today. We distribute state-of-the-art Headsets, Dialpads, Telephone (Compatible with Headsets) and allied items for Call Centers in the country. We wish to reiterate here that Vonia is the voice of the future and has top of the line products in Headsets for various applications. It is also the recipient of the prestigious award for the product of the year 2002-2003 in the United States of America. We also provide turnkey solutions for Call Centers.
Our main motive is providing best in class customer experience, with our communication solutions we can help you to deliver better experience to your customer.

Vonia is a brand owned and promoted in India by Magtronic Devices Pvt. Ltd. which is a part pf the Elin Group of Industries, the pioneers of audio products in India. Magtronic ventured in the field of audio headsets as an OEM/ODM partner for Philips in 1997 and started offering professional headsets to the India market in 2003. At the time, the Indian headset market was serviced by global brands who pushed their models at exorbitant prices with minimal services. Magtronic was one of the first to introduce reasonably priced headsets with full fledged service and support backup including support for physical damaged headsets. over the year with our knowledge and experience of audio products we started getting products customised specifically to fulfil the demands of the Indian customers and built up a complete range of products to take on the global brand's head-on. Today with years of concerted effort and a vision of providing the Indian customers with the most value for money, rugged, durable headsets we have garnered a pretty decent customer base of hundreds of satisfied and long standing customers.